The Murals

These are the 13 major New Deal murals on the walls of George Washington High School in San Francisco that were painted in fresco in 1936 by Victor Arnautoff, a former assistant of Diego Rivera, as part of a publicly-funded Works Progress Administration mural project called "Life and Era of George Washington." 

On June 25, 2019, the San Francisco School Board voted to spend $600,000 to destroy all of these murals.  After an international outcry and outpouring of public opposition, on August 13, 2019, the School Board voted instead to spend $825,000 to permanently board over and cover all of the murals with solid panels to hide them from view.



The Great Constitutional Debate:  George Washington mediates as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson debate the United States Constitution - photo by Robert Cherny



Sunshine/Rainbow:  photo by Tammy Aramian



Lady Liberty:  Liberty placing new stars - photo by Robert Cherny



Moon: photo by Tammy Aramian



Battle of Valley Forge:  George Washington strategizes with his war-weary soldiers - photo by Robert Cherny



America's favorite fighting Frenchman: Lafayette!:  George Washington welcomes Marquis de Lafayette - photo by Robert Cherny



Mount Vernon - photo by Dick Evans-San Francisco (click on photo to enlarge)



The March of Shame - photo by Dick Evans-San Francisco (click on photo to enlarge)



Education Is The Answer:  George Washington tries unsuccessfully to create a national university - photo by Robert Cherny



Early Life:  George Washington's early life as a surveyor, the French and Indian War - photo by Dick Evans-San Francisco (click on photo to enlarge)



Origins of the American Revolution:  Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Burning of Tax Stamps, George Washington arrives to take command of the army - photo by Robert Cherny (click on photo to enlarge)



Farewell:  George Washington bids farewell to his mother - photo by Robert Cherny



Battle of Trenton - photo by Robert Cherny