The Murals

These are the 13 New Deal murals on the walls of George Washington High School in San Francisco that were painted in fresco in 1936 by Victor Arnautoff, a former assistant of Diego Rivera, as part of a publicly-funded Works Progress Administration mural project called "Life of George Washington." 

On June 25, 2019, the San Francisco School Board voted to spend $600,000 to destroy all 13 of these murals.  After an international outcry and outpouring of public opposition, on August 13, 2019, the School Board voted instead to spend $825,000 to permanently board over and cover the 13 murals with solid panels to hide them from view.



The Great Constitutional Debate:  George Washington mediates as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson debate the United States Constitution - photo by Robert Cherny



Sunshine/Rainbow:  photo by Tammy Aramian



Lady Liberty:  Liberty placing new stars - photo by Robert Cherny



Moon: photo by Tammy Aramian



Battle of Valley Forge:  George Washington strategizes with his war-weary soldiers - photo by Robert Cherny



America's favorite fighting Frenchman: Lafayette!:  George Washington welcomes Marquis de Lafayette - photo by Robert Cherny



Mount Vernon - photo by Dick Evans-San Francisco (click on photo to enlarge)



The March of Shame - photo by Dick Evans-San Francisco (click on photo to enlarge)



Education Is The Answer:  George Washington tries unsuccessfully to create a national university - photo by Robert Cherny



Early Life:  George Washington's early life as a surveyor, the French and Indian War - photo by Dick Evans-San Francisco (click on photo to enlarge)



Origins of the American Revolution:  Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Burning of Tax Stamps, George Washington arrives to take command of the army - photo by Robert Cherny (click on photo to enlarge)



Farewell:  George Washington bids farewell to his mother - photo by Robert Cherny



Battle of Trenton - photo by Robert Cherny